Environment and Climate

It is no secret that wildfires in California are out of control, or that we don't have enough available water. Our current legislature has talked tough about fixing these problems, but they haven't been effective. Forest fires are the single biggest greenhouse gas emitting events in California.  Funds earmarked to deal with wildfires and water availability have been insufficient and misused, and the programs themselves are flawed.

When elected, I will

  • Support additional fire for fuel reduction in our forests.

  • Provide increased oversight to fuel reduction efforts, to make sure programs are effective. 

  • Propose legislation to fund new reservoirs and expand existing ones.

  • Push for investment in water reuse technology, so our current water supply goes farther.

  • Change water allocation rules to better support residents and farmers.

  • Propose legislation to more effectively and efficiently combat climate change, focusing on the biggest sources of emissions, like forest fires, rather than gas-powered lawn mowers.