California was the place people went to make a better life for themselves while enjoying one of the best environments in the world. Today, more people are leaving than coming to our state because elected officials, including my opponent, have only been listening to radicals and special interest groups. 
  • Affordability
  • Climate
  • Education
  • Efficiency
  • Partisanship 
  • Out-of-control wildfires
  • No water storage tanks built since 1953
  • Last reservoirs built in the 1970's
  • California has the 48th-ranked regulatory environment for business 
  • California business is expensive to operate
  • Not enough return for our tax dollars
  • Homeless situation is a scandal
  • State government is a bureaucratic disaster
  • Develop effective mental health programs
  • Support law enforcement with funding and legislation
  • Cut unnecessary regulations on prescribed burns
  • Incentivize business to operate in California
  • Work for less regulation in the daily life of citizens